Irvine Korean Cultural Festival

Irvine Korean Cultural Festival

The first mass group of Korean immigrants arrived in the U.S. on January 13, 1903. One hundred and two (102) Koreans traveled across the Pacific Ocean on the S.S. Gaelic ship and arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii where they began to live as sugar planters.

Over a century later, the California State Legislators adopted H.R. 38 and the U.S. Congress declared that landmark day “Korean American Day.” (H.R. 487, S.R. 283) Following in suit, the City of Irvine permanently recognized January 13th as the “Korean American Day” (Item 6.4 Jan 8th 2008).

The Irvine City has a very large population of 1st, 1.5th and 2nd generation Korean Americans, and we hold the Annual Irvine Korean Cultural Festival to help spread Korea’s beautiful traditions and taste.

We strongly believe that the festival experience will bring about the mutual understanding and appreciation of different cultures, which will result in the promotion of peace and harmony among all people in the Irvine community and beyond.

Meet the Team

2017 Festival Committee Members

Amy Choo
Diane Kim

Tim Ryan
Grace Yun

Juweon Yun
Cecilia Hong


Date & Time
Saturday, May 11th 2019
Time: 10AM-5PM

Irvine Civic Center
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606
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